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Sydney Pipe and Service Locating technology is amazing

Pipe locating, or service locating utilises a technology that enables us to pinpoint the exact location of a service.

How Pipe and Service Locating works

It works by tracking an electrical current that has been either been passed through a conductive service (like copper), or inserted into a non-conductive service (like a PVC drain).

The electrical current enables us to accurately establish the exact location of the service, as well as the depth.

Why locate your services?

Although service location ‘should’ be documented through things like ‘as-built’ drawings, sewer service diagrams and ‘Dial Before You Dig’, the reality is, they are rarely correct.

Places get renovated, things get moved and often those changes remain in the head of the individual that installed them. In situations that require things like repair, or renovation, it’s critical that we know where services run, so damage can be avoided.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of excavators ripping up optic fibre cables and the like. Having your services locate by a professional can help you avoid those awkward, dangerous and potentially extremely expensive situations.

What types of services can be located?

Service locating technology is very clever and can pick up the location of many types of services, through various different methods.

If the service has an electrical current passing through it, like power, data, optic fibre, etc, our equipment can locate them by tracking a series of existing frequencies.

If the service does not have any currents running through them, we can track them by adding a current and locating it the same way. Copper pipe, for example, can have a mild current attached to it, which send a signal along the line for our equipment to locate.

If it’s an old earthenware drain, then we can run a cable through the drain and locate the cable.

There’s no real right or wrong with what can be located, but here are some of the common ones:
Electrical conduit
Water pipes (of various materials)
Gas services (of various materials)
Drainage (sewer and stormwater)
Fibre Optic

Diagnosis without damage

The main advantage of pipe and service locating is that you can diagnose the trouble point of a service, without having to excavate a large area.

Where back before the technology existed, the typical approach would be to excavate an area to see if the problem is there. If it’s not, then you’d excavate another area to see if it’s there, and so on.

Now we can track exactly where the problem is and through amazing tools like ‘acoustic detection devices’, we can not only locate the service, but we can pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

Service location is a very important procedure when it comes to anything that requires digging and excavating. By locating your services, you’ll save time, money and potentially lives, so give Aqua Freeze & Locate a call today and let our pipe and service locating services put you at ease.

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