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Detecting Leaks vs Repairing Disasters

Our advanced leak detection technology could prevent a disaster!

When it comes to leak detection, there are two things that will dictate the success of the job. The first being ‘experience and process’ and the other being ‘technology and equipment’.

Most Sydney water leaks tend to start as a minor issue, however over time that minor issue can quite easily become a significant problem. Understanding the nature of water leaks enable Aqua Freeze & Locate to become really good at two things. Diagnosis and repair.

Leak Detection Diagnosis

Water leaks can be a ridiculously confusing puzzle to solve. Over the years we’ve seen leaks that show up in places that would literally make it undetectable if it wasn’t for technology and experience.

Diagnosing these problems involves an acute understanding the behaviour of water and building design and structure, as often the location of the leak may not reflect its origin.

The leak detection diagnosis procedure, refined by Aqua Freeze & Locate has been formulated (and is ever evolving) from years of experience, matched with the latest and greatest tools.

Aqua Freeze & Locate’s leak detection process

  1. Your call is taken by our trained office staff, offering you immediate advice over the phone.
  2. A technician is booked in and despatched to your property at an agreed time.
  3. Using experience and technology, our technician investigates the situation and diagnosis the problem.
  4. The client is presented with repair options.
  5. On the customers’ acceptance, the repair is carried out.
  6. The property is restored and left clean and tidy.

Repairing Your Leaks

Identifying the leak is obviously the first part of the equation, however it needs to be repaired. Leak repair (in Sydney households especially) can be in many cases as tricky as the location process, especially in scenarios that involve a complex combination of services and limited access.

Aqua Freeze & Locate is your Sydney’s leak repair experts. Our team of highly trained professionals have been specifically trained in leak repair and leak location.

Everyone from the person who takes your call and books in your job, right through to the technician that shows up to your site have been trained to ask the correct questions and make the process as streamlined as possible.

Leak Detection Technology

Technology in the leak detection space is constantly evolving.

It’s crazy what we’re able to today thanks to the tools that are made available to us. For example, Aqua Freeze & Locate has equipment that allows us to hear behind walls to locate leaks.

We can even see in tiny spaces that humans can’t get to like wall cavities and roof spaces with advanced camera technology.

Keeping ahead of the technology curve is what keeps Aqua Freeze & Locate ahead of our competition and keeps our customers ahead of their water leaks.

Signs that you may have a leak

Think you may have a leak at your property? Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

Damp, or discoloured carpet
Hissing sounds behind walls
Poor water pressure
Painted surfaces that are starting to flake
Musky smells
Visible signs of water in places like light fittings, or ceilings.

Give Aqua Freeze & Locate a call today to detect your leak, before it becomes an impending disaster.

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