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We provide ‘Pipe Freezing’ to plumbing and fire contractors, ‘acoustic leak detection’ and ‘pipe & services locating’.

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Located in Sydney, we’re your experts in pipe freezing and service location.

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Aqua Freeze & Locate

When it comes to locating and repairing services that cannot be isolated, Aqua Freeze and Locate are the technicians you want on your side.

Servicing the greater Sydney region, our team of highly trained experts are fully equipped with the knowledge, the expertise and the latest technologies to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

We can locate all types of services and we can freeze pipes as large as 150mm in diameter. If you need a highly experienced team to help you with your repair, you’ll not find anyone better fitted than Aqua Freeze and Locate.

24/7 Availability

We offer 24/7 services to all your plumbing and fire emergencies.

Fully Qualified

Our Freeze and Locate technicians are all plumbing qualified.

Fair Prices

Our technicians are dedicated to delivering efficient yet affordable repairs.


Aqua Freeze & Locate

Our Services

Pipe Freezing

We are highly specialised and have spent years working with contractors.

Acoustic Leak detection

Our advanced leak detection technology could prevent a disaster!

Pipe & Service Locating

By locating your services, you’ll save time, money and potentially lives

Why locate services and freeze pipes?
Risk Mitigation – Service Location prevents accidental disasters from occurring.
Sectional Isolation – Pipe freezing enables us to isolate sections of a service, instead of the entire thing.
Experience – Our technicians are well trained, highly experienced and we’re fully WHS compliant.
What our Happy Clients say.

The team at Aqua Freeze and Locate have played a significant role in the location and repair of some of our largest projects.
We literally couldn’t do it without them.

Richard, ABC Plumbing

When would I Locate & Freeze?
To repair, or maintain pipes that cannot be shut down due to faulty ancillaries.
When the location of a service is in question and potentially at risk of damage.
Where valves need to be replaced and the service can’t be shut down.
When leaks are present and the precise location is required for repair.
When entire service cannot be shut down. Like nursing homes and hospitals.
When excavation needs to take place and the location of existing services needs to be ascertained.


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